A Sissy Husband

Feminized And Humiliated By My Dominant Wife!
My wife is a real bitch! She constantly makes fun of me and berates me for being submissive. Things were fine when we were dating, but after we got married, she began to take charge of everything - the bank book, the clothes I wore, even what and when we would eat or go out. My friends used to joke and say "Well, I guess we know who wears the penis in that house". It was humiliating....

But that was nothing compared to the day she came home from work with a big box under her arm and annouced she had bought me some new clothes. I followed her into the bedroom, where she opened the box and took out a french maids costume complete with little pink panties, garters and high heels. I was flabbergasted! "Put these on" she commanded "And we'll begin your sissy husband training!"......

I didn't want to argue about it, as she is rather a big woman and very strong. So I meekly donned the silky underwear and black satin maid's costume. She looked at me "Come with me!" I followed her into the bathroom, trying not to fall over in the high heels she had made me also wear. "We're going to do your makeup" she said and began to rouge my lips, do my eyes and put one of her long blond wigs on my head. When she was done, she turned me to the mirror and said "There! That's what my little sissy maid SHOULD look like" I blushed under the blush...is that possible?

"Now come into the living room and begin your chores!" she sneered and led me into the living room where I was given a duster and told to clean all the shelves. My wife made herself comfortable on the couch, smoked and a cigarette and watched the television. From time to time she would tell me to bend over and show her "That little sissy panty ass!". I would do so and she would grunt and rub her crotch. It was SO humiliating! I was being treated like some young slut by my matronly wife!

After a few hours of being made to clean and prance about before her in my heels, I was mad and told her I didn't like being treated like this. "What?" she yelled "No little sissy bitch talks back to me!" She suddenly sprang to her feet, went to the wall closet and took out a ratton cane. "I think you need a little lesson in who's boss around here!" And with that she walked over, shoved her hand under my dress and down into the front of the pink panties she had forced me to wear, firmly grabbing my limp penis. "Come here, sissy!" she said and roughly led me by the penis over to the back of the couch. "Bend over that couch!" she commanded as she pushed me aross the back of the couch "And get these little panties DOWN!".

I felt her hands roughly yank my panties down as she bared my bottom. I quivered in fear thinking about what she might do next. "Arch that butt!" she yelled and as I did so she brought the cane down across my bare bottom time and time again. I felt the hot tears welling up in my eyes as she caned me savagely. "Quit your wimpering! Maybe I should invite some of your friends round to watch this?" I was silent as I bit my lip in pain and stinging shame. Finally she was through....

She yanked me upright and led me to the corner "Perhaps some time out will give you a chance to reflect on your behavior" I tried to pull the panties back up, but she caught my hand "No, these panties stay down. I want my little sissy husband to stand there so all the world can see his shame". I gasped at her cruelty. She just laughed and then openned the living room curtains. "I think I'll let the neighbors see what a little sissy bitch you've become.." and then she sat down, lit up another cigarette and went back to her programs, leaving me standing in the corner.

What next could this mean woman do to me?.... I shuddered at the thought....

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